Medusa Echoes

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Welcome Brothers

These are the personal files of General Brutus Seedykay, serving with Seigg8 1st Crusaders during the Medusa V Campaign.

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The Campaign for Medusa V will be long and it will be difficult, but we, the people of the Imperium, shall rise victorious once more.

Here, i've chronicled the history of these events so that all may learn from the events unfolding. You will also find the latest news, important messages and images, as well as previous editions of 'Requiem'

Stand proud

-General Brutus Seedykay
Seigg8 1st Crusaders
12th Army Group
Officio of Propaganda and Public Enlightenment
12th AG High Command

General Seedykay


Experienced tactician serving with Seigg8 1st, It is not uncommon to find him roaming the battlefield capturing Picts for later analysis, and taking the odd bolter shot at the enemy.

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Campaign Headquarters * * Camp 12 * Edethor * 775,229

Medusa will die...But we shall not!