Medusa Echoes

Personal Diary

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The personal chronicles of the General

Day 1: 22rd June

My men have been committed to the campaign of Medusa V. It's a worthy war to lay down my life. We immediately began

communication with other units in the area and discovered plans to create a 12th Army Group under the Warmaster ‘Swiper’

Payton. Considering Seigg's somewhat...small...force, we have thrown ourselves in with enthusiasm. It seems our Propaganda

skills will serve the Imperium well, as I was immediately made head of the Groups Officio of Propaganda and Public

Enlightenment. The 12AG grows with every passing hour.

It is a proud day to stand with the Imperium.

Day 2, 23rd June

Preparations for dispatch began today. I met with Commander Payton of the 12AG to discuss propaganda plans. It was decided that I will oversee the production of an Imperial news report 'Requiem'.

The Vox has been crowded with messages by the foul Xenos, and one proclaiming to be 'TheHandOfTruth'. This disgusting entity invades our secure Vox channels at every turn. In response, I have suggested a counter channel, proclaiming the true news direct from High Command. The Commander was pleased, and assigned me to High Command.

This is a joyous day indeed. I have been elevated to a position of major power within the 12AG. However, this evening contact was made by Inquisitor Lord Thoth of the Ordo Maleus. He is claiming a tithe from the force under Imperial Law! I have

attempted to reach the Commander, but he appears unreachable.


I have sent a message for the Commanders immediate attention.


To give up so much of the force would be disastrous to our plans.

This page is subject to censorship by the Officio of Propaganda and Public Enlightenment

Medusa will die...But we shall not!