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A List of things that have inspired my work (really)


For reference, all my flash work be it exisitant or 'in-production' has referenced and drawn upon many sources. These are some of the most influential aspects in my work.

This is my list of damn kool stuff. These are the sort of things that inspire things i do, be it flash games, daily decisions, or criminal activities. It's these i have to thank...
1. Spider Jerusalem 
    Spider is the star of the amazing Transmetropolitan comic books. He's an angry old journalist, with a manner like a rage-infected tiger. Plus he has the greatest pair of porno pinching sunglasses known to man...
2. The Emperor of Mankind
    Since all religion is unprovable, i chose a non-existant deity, comfortable in the knowledge that he's just as likely as Christianity. The argument? He's from the future, so he cannot therefore be proved non-existant. It's just not the right time yet. From the Warhammer 40,000 board game, the Emporer of Mankind united the human race, and set out to get medieval on the galaxy's ass. I mean, who else's God wears power armour, has psychic powers, and wields a machine gun?
3. Father Jack Hackett
    From TV's Father Ted. Three words; DRINK, FECK, ARSE!
4. Alien
   The ultimate badass space monster. Yeah, Predator has triple laser dots, and is a fishnet bodysuited rastafarian, but alien's one cold hearted bitch. It's like Maggie Thatcher versus a homicidal Bob Marley!
5. Rammstein
   The best bad in the world right now, bar none. Why they didn't play at Diana's funeral i'll never know.
6. Eminem
    Anyone who takes the piss out of N-Sync, Britney Spears, and Visaci while making one of the best albums of all time is fine by me. His brilliance is overshadowed by the storm of anger he has caused. Nice!
7. Sean Connery (SNL)
    The celebrity Jeopardy spoof Sean Connery from Saturday Night Live, and played by Darrell Hannah. Single funniest thing on earth.
8. Stuart Gilligan Griffin
    Family Guy's own homicidy baby. Anyone who tells Bill Cosby 'I'm sorry, i thought the name of the show was Kids Say the Darndest Things, not Old Black Comedians don't SHUT THE HELL UP!' is going on this list!


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