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our most recent team pic. note the veiled figure of hired mercenary Martin

The MAGIC MARKERS, My glorious paintball team, an unstable and insane band of rogues, wags, and chancers. Each man ready to do his utmost to spread pain and misery upon the legions of businessmen participating in team building exercises.
We roam the country, seeking new prey. we may be in the vicinity if you hear or see the folowing things:
- BIG GERMAN JACKETS! The team shirts consist of Nato surplus german army jackets, khaki green tunics of fear!
- MANIACAL LAUGHTER! Often coming from me, especially during a charge!
- GADGETS AND CRAP! Laden down like a futuristic fighting man, the gadgets worn are varied and plentiful. and don't work. Look for people fiddling with microphone headsets, telescopic sights, grenade clips. etc.
- THE MIGHTY TIPMANN! an enormous tipmann 98 paintball gun, carried by Seth, our sniper. converted with a great big flatline barrel, a great big shoulder stock, and a great big telescopic sight, this paintball gun is deadly, and big!
- THE UPLIFTING PRIMER! using small imperial guard bibles, it is not uknown for certain team members to begin chanting litany's at the opposition, praying for protection from bombardement, and declaring jihads upon small defensive positions.

Date: 2001
The teams officer core (i.e. the ones that turn up!) From left: Sean, Me, Seth, Luke

The team may also be incorporating an US wing, after a confustication over names. We salute these brave warriors across the pond and are proud to be twinned with them. May their bunkerings be quick and many!

Captain of the Magic Markers US division

Team Pofiles: SeedyKay

Team Profiles: Nomak

I apologise to anyone i've crippled during my time in the MM. I would like to thank the following team members. Sean 'Bloodshot' Wenham, Luke 'Luther' Kelly, Big Seth Bateman, James 'the unholy' Cutting, Suzy, Bill Bateman, Martin 'Christ, he's out of control oh God aaaaaargh!'McRorie and Chris 'Nomak' Thomas.The memories of fire, explosions and pain are thanks to you all. Well done!!!