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Seigg 8
Seigg 8 is an ancient planet, deep in the Segmentum Tempustus, on the very fringes of the Imperium. The planet, a vast desert, consists of only one hive, in which the majority of the population reside. The Deserts are effectively useless, the planet is devoid of most minerals, and the planet uses what little resources it has keeping its population alive. This isn't too say that things are particularly bad on Seigg, as the enormity of the planet compared with it's miniscule in comparison population, mean that the people are generally content.
 Seigg's one Export is it's FumoRunco plants. The small amount that sucessfully grow are sold across the Imperium as Cigars at a very high price, due to it's quality, taste and the fact that they are incredibly addictive. Famously, Colonel Schaeffar of the penal legion, 'The Last Chancers' Smokes Seigg brand cigars, and has been part of a long running advertising campaign for the business, appealing to it's gritty, hard, yet devoted, image. Why Seigg's FumoRunco is so good is still uknown, maybe the intense heat, maybe the alien minerals on Seigg's surface, or maybe the super-radiation from it's 6 suns, who knows!
Due to its lack of resources, population, and tactical location, Seigg has never actually been invaded by any known Xenos menace. It is one of the few planets in the Imperium that doesn't tithe men or resources. Their are too few of each, And the planet's finances are all privately owned by cigar conglomerates. (Who do spend the majority of the money on keeping the populous in luxury, terrified that any uprising from a disgruntled populous could ruin this profitable safe haven in the Imperium) And due to this lack of threat, Seigg, amazingly, has never had an actual army. It does however have an enormous police force, easily comparable to an interior guard of any other hive. Small scale wars have been fought deep in the underhive before, usually the result of some rogue psyker or sewage monsters. The underhive has always been a problem for the police, as it has an unusually high crime and mutation rate, especially amongst those who work outside of the hive on the FumoRunco fields. Gang warfare amongst the youth is also high in the underhives, but this has been put down to the influence of the media and Necromunda-Rap.     
The Army Of Seigg 8
Recently however things have changed. The 13th Black Crusade rocked the Imperium, and many now believe the time of the apocalypse maybe at hand, when the Emperor himself will return to lead mankind during its final days. Not ones to miss out on a bit of apocalypse, the Governor of Seigg decreed that an army will be formed from Seigg's security force, that will journey the galaxy to assist the other armies of the Imperium, a bring glory to Seigg and the Emperor.
There are several reasons for this decision; Firstly, the people of Seigg have become restless following an increase in religious ferver, inspired by the stories of heroism in the Black Crusade. It was decided a force to represent Seigg across the galaxy and stories of their bravery (whether they happened or not) would give the people a renewed sense of patriotism. Currently, this appears to have worked.
Secondly, the high number of mutations amongst the planets agricultural workers has led to a possible investigation by the Ordo Hereticus. The last thing the planetary leaders need is a bunch of inquisitors and priests crawling up their arses with a torch and boltgun. Therefore, a tribute army to assist in the crusades and battles of the Imperium was decided to be a good bribe of faith. The decision to send a Ordo Hereticus team has now been suspended, pending further review.
The Force
The Army Of Seigg 8 is built from volunteer security officers, all of whom were desperate to leave the deserts of Seigg in search of alien worlds, adventure, treasure and heroism, like what they see on the Friday night Pict shows. 67 men were chosen to form the army. The Taka-Taka survivors (See Training below), 2 platoons, containing 2 squads of 10 men, and a command unit of an officer, psyker, and 4 bodyguards, were formed, as well as an 8 man command team. Two of them were from outside, the officer of one platoon, Captain Catu, was transferred from Tallarn to help field train the men on the planet's desert world. The final member is Commissar Eoxs, who has been attached to Seigg by Terrax, after his previous army was purged for heresy. He barely managed to escape, but lost an arm and was scarred during the fight.
Two vehicles were purchased from Cadia, Two damaged Leman Russ, one of which is of the demolisher pattern. The vehicles were repaired, and entered into the armies service. A Gyropter is on hand, donated by a fanatical crop farmer.  A further 8 Security officers were recruited, 6 officers to form the armies 3 weapons teams, and 2 police snipers. The command team is led by;
Lord Vago, an experienced police chief and general of Seigg's army
Father Uliz, a Priest from Seigg's Cult of the Emperor temple
Soroti, a sanctioned Psyker
Commissar Eoxs
To help advise and bolster the new army with some much needed experience, outside mercenaries and adventurers were hired. A team of Ratling mercenaries; Mleu, Vopada, Worana brown foot, Ckabb, and Wurru, and plans are in place to hire a group of human veterans.
Captain Catu took his platoon out into the deserts for 4 months, training them in the art of fieldcraft and open warfare. He concentrated particularly on one squad, teaching them bayonet skills. Mysteriously, some of the men came back extremely muscled, almost beyond normal human capability, though this was put down to the rigours of training, and the healthy green glow they all emit is nothing to worry about. The second platoon, under Captain Wayev, was selected from those training for the Seigg CQBD (Close Quater Battle Division) The SCQBD training made them excellent fighting men, though not the equal of their fully qualified comrades, who are comparable to the Imperial Guard Storm Troopers. Specialising in Hive and Urban warfare, the team was kitted out in specially obtained equipment, short pattern lasguns, bolters, shotguns, mini-Vox units, Etc.
The forces of Seigg contemplated the use of Gyropters to transport troops. Being smaller, lighter and, well, cheaper than Chimera Transports, farming gyropters seemed excellent personnel carriers. To test this theory, gyropters, and a platoon of volunteers where dropped on Seigg's second moon, Taka-Taka. The jungle planet was an ideal testing ground for the gyropters durability in harsh conditions.
8 days into the month long operation, all but one gyropter and 9 men remained, the rest having crashed performing tricky jungle landings, or more prolifically, wiped out by the moons population of big, hungry reptiles. The valiant Sgt. Kilgut kept the remaining units alive via brutal guerilla warfare. They Changed their uniforms to match the jungle colours, honed their skills, and even the pilots became skilled fighters. When the transport arrived to collect them, the survivors returned with great stories of heroism, and subsequently became Seigg 8's only veteran squad. They still use the battered gyropter, as it was decided that no more should be purchased on health and safety grounds...
Warhammer 40,000
Warhammer 40,000 is a major inspiration for a lot of my creative work. flash or otherwise. Why? Because it's harsh, gritty and downright evil. Sci-Fi has always been held back by fantastical views of mankind influencing space, and casting divine morality. It's just camp fairytales.
Warhammer spits on it, then probably stabs it in the eye with a big stick. Humanity clings onto control, Alien forces on all sides and its own religious zealotry and paranoia all stand at the brink of consuming it. Only the damnation of eternal regime can keep it living, half-dead...


Lord Vago, General of Seigg 8 forces