Tit of the moment: PimpnRed

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It's time to hurl abuse... and stones!

Tit of the Moment: Newgrounds user PimpnRed
-Stole a series of Warhammer related Flash, including some of mine
-Arrogance (rebuffs other users saying they have never made a flash. But neither has he)
-Ignorance (completely refuses to back down to overwhelming evidence he is a thief)
-Truly unequaled Stupidity (there is a long list of this below)
Possible solution?
Immediate castration!!! (So that he doesn't sully the gene pool any further)


PimpNRed's truly magnificent stupidity
Tit nominees are not necessarily the most intelligent of people, but most are not usually complete morons. PimpnRed however, is a very strange specimen. And as such, we feel we have to honour him with this list of his duh-brained idiocy.
1. Stealing a flash from, then resubmitting it to the SAME website.
2. Steals flash that are covered in references to the true creator. No attempt to remove the blindingly obvious credits that show him to be a thief.
3. Continues to believe that by saying the flash is his, people will ignore the obvious larceny, and believe the work is his own.
4. Doesn't actually appear to have watched the films or games he has stolen, as he gave them the WRONG titles.
5. Claims the flash was actually stolen by its true author, despite the fact that some of these flash were submitted to the site up to three years before he did. Apparently, we're time travelling thieves!
And so, we are conveniently left to list the brief list of words used to describe PimpNRed: Fun AND Informative
- 'Pathetic'
- 'Thief'
- 'Petty Fool'
- 'Moron'
- 'Loser'
- 'Fuck Off and Die' (not really a description but fun nonetheless)
- 'Fucking Retard'
- 'Dick'
- 'Fucktard'
- 'You Suck'
- 'I hope you die of Anal Bleeding' (Again, not really a description...)
- 'Crock of Bullshit'
- 'Dickhead'
- 'Fucking Ass-Raper'
- 'Faggot'
- And now... 'Tit!'
All these have been found on a quick scout around the Web. But mostly Newgrounds. Feel free to send me your descriptive gems to the usual address, and i'll add them to the list.

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