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Come as we take you on a tour of our lovely studios, nestled on the southern coast of sunny old England. Shocking pictures to follow.

Seedykay Studios is in a charming little street named Walmer Road, in the pleasant city of Portsmouth. The street is directly inside the heart of the city; the area known affectionately as Fratton. Nearby is a train station providing fast and efficient travel. On the other side, a park in which teenagers frollic and play. Behind the street, Fratton Park Stadium allows Portsmouth's footballing heroes to entertain us with their ability to not be beaten repeatedly and end up crashing out of the premier league.

The building itself was built during a time when manual labourers were crammed 80 to a room and much has changed. in no way does it still harbour the common muck and criminals it once did. It is nestled between two homes, (a cunt lives in one, but we don't talk about him) and includes running water, occasional heating and a wide and spacious garden backing onto the afore mentioned railway track. The house was nearly destroyed during the Second World War, just two doors down three other houses had been bombed. It would have been such a shame for a bomb to hit our place, it really would.

Seedykay studios does not inhabit this building alone. Next door is the headquarters of a somewhat disturbing scottish security organisation. And the two other offices are taken up by the mysterious group known as Delti-Force.

A bathroom with a tap, 3 fridges, 8 microwaves, 2 george foreman grills and a freeview box let guests know they're really living a life of luxury. Cleaning occurs every 6-months, when we happily succumb to the letters from the council, and chuck all the rubbish out from the living room and garden, and into the street.

Seedykay Studios gardens are a wonderful place, brimming with wildlife ranging from spiders to snails. It features a
barbed wire fence, a shed filled with wood and a mattress, a barbecue, some of them manky plastic chairs, and an ever shifitng border with our neighbours. It also includes a pond, patio, shingles (both the disease and geological versions) and turf. No natural plant life grows. (Our security agency associates and 15 bottles of chemical arranged that one.)

Social events occur annually, including the famous Seedykay Studios Barbecue (Very much the talk of the town the next day. And of Southwest Rail Security) And our popular Fireworks Night celebration (Very much the talk of St. Mary's hospital accident and emergency dept. the next day)

Drop us an e-mail for a tour, or wait till we've nicked a digi-cam and see the wonder for yourself!