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I've been playing with flash for some years now, but really got going when i discovered! I made a few crappy games, dissapeared, and then came back, reborn, with two new titles, A film my sister wrote, 'Yum Colombian apes!' (on the front page) and 'Warhammer shooter 2' which is my most successful game to date. But what now? i've been working on many a project, but so far none have been released, as i'm using them to develop my artistic skills. Me and my link team (long story) are always happy to help and contribute to other flah projects, just e-mail us. we wont mind, really...
Projects under construction:
Unnamed sequel to 40k Shooter 2
-### Update!!! ### -  
Whack-A-Miner is now complete. Our lord Jesus Christ can find it at or right here, if your too lazy to type an address in your browser box .


-Unnamed 40k Shooter. 50% complete

-Unnamed animation series. 10% complete

-HL2 musical parody. 25% complete

Anyone interested in voice acting for these and future projects should drop us a line at

Just send a low quality MP3 with you saying; "oh dear, what a kerfuffle" normally, sadly, and angry. we'll contact you when we need you, you fame-seeking starlet you!

Below is the Hunter S. Thompson tribute game, also can be unearthed elsewhere on the site.

Games, Games, GAMES!!!